Vineyard Development Timeline


Year -1  

Land preparation, Fence, Irrigation, Layout

    Brush Clearing and Tree Removal (Jan-Mar)
    Get grading exemption from County Ag office
    Clear brush
    Remove trees, remove stumps
    Burn brush and tree debris
  Order Vines from Nursery (Feb-Mar)
  Ground Preparation and Marking (Jul-Sep)
  Ripping 36"depth
  Rock removal/cleanup
  Soil amendments (based on soil analysis)
  Covercrop - clovers+
  Fencing 7-8' height(deer) + rabbit
  Irrigation System (Oct-Nov)
  Main lines, electric valves, fertilizer injector for irrigation system
  Install underground laterals and risers
Year 0  

Trellis, Drip lines, Plant

    Weed spray around vine marks (Feb-Mar)
  Trellis (Apr-May)
  Install endposts
  Install pencil rods 4ft. - 2 of every 3 vines
  Install 1.25 T stakes every third vine
  Cordon wire (12.5 gauge), roll out and install (clip to rods and stakes)
  Drip wire (13 guage), roll out and install (clip to rods and stakes)
  Drip Hose (Apr-May)
  Roll out hose and install emitters
  Clip hose to drip wire, attach to risers, crimp ends
  Install spaghetti tubes
  Plants and Planting (May-Jun)
  Plant (if using green-growing vines)
  Install vine protectors
  Hand weeding
  Begin training vines up rods and T stakes
Year 1  

Trellis completion, Training and Farming

  Trellis Completion (Jan-Mar)
  Catch wire (13 guage)
  X-arm wire (13 guage) 4 (2ea. X-arm @ 2 X-arms)
  Install 6" x-arms 
  Install 10" x-arms
  Weed spray
    Training, tying
Year 2+  

Training and Farming