Wine Talk with Rod Byers

Videos highlighting the winemaking and grape growing history of Nevada County, California

Rod interviews Jim Garrett, a serious home winemaker in Grass Valley, California

This video was produced by Bob Stewart at Lake Wildwood Television Productions / Channel 95

4 thoughts on “Wine Talk with Rod Byers”

  1. Appreciate the discussion and the inspiration. Question: how did it work out to plant more vines and limit the fruit per vine?

    1. There were so many other factors that came into play as the vineyard matured, but, I’d have to say limiting the crop made for a better wine, particularly the Petite Sirah wines we started making in 2014. The Tempranillo has been a bit of a disappointment for a lot of reasons including limited soil, irrigation issues and pests (raccoon, fox). Thanks for asking.

  2. Excellent interview. Thanks for posting! Looking for advice/consultation on growing grapes on two + acres in Grass Valley. Lake adjacent, irrigation pump, solar power included.

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