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From Susan ClarabutThanks to all of you who buy raffle tickets at our events or add some extra money to your yearly dues, SWGGA gives a $2000 scholarship to a deserving local student each year with $1000 going to him/her the first year and $1000 the second year. We don’t require that the scholarship dollars go only to tuition or books, instead we look at this as an opportunity for our student to buy what he/ she needs; perhaps a computer, rent, or maybe even gas money to get home for Thanksgiving. Something that will make these first two years of college a little easier.

Once we’re able to release the name, we’ll announce it and with any luck, our student will be able to attend our summer picnic so we can all meet him. Or her. And if you would like to be on the committee for next year, please contact me at you again for making this such a successful endeavor. update   link

Jim Garrett
Author: Jim Garrett