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SWGGA In-Person Meeting on Thursday, October 21st


Wine tasting at Ponderosa Hall!  That’s the big idea for our October meeting. We will explore the world of low-cost wine. Dare I say cheap? They may surprise you. You’ll be the judge of six wines, and it will be a blind tasting. They’ll be commercial wines so that you can say what you’re really thinking – you won’t hurt anybody’s feelings. We’ll see if we can arrive at some sort of consensus when the dust settles. Bring two glasses each, as we will taste in pairs: A versus B, and so forth.  

We will be having this in-person general meeting starting at 7:00 PM on October 21st at Ponderosa Hall (Nevada County Fairgrounds, Gate 2). And, as with our previous meetings, there will be a social session with cheese and crackers prior to the program, so, bring a bottle of your favorite to share, as you like.

See you soon!

Peter Willcox, SWGGA Program Coordinator