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Home Winemaking Groups

Sierra Wine & Grape Growers Association

Sacramento Home Winemakers

Amador Winemakers Association

Placer County Wine and Grape Association

El Dorado Home Winemakers Club

Placer County Wine and Grape Association

Calaveras Wine Grape Alliance

Lodi Amateur Vintners Association

Orange County Wine Society

British Columbia Winemakers Association


WineMaker Magazine

Internet Journal of Viticulture and Enology

American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

Wines & Vines

Wine Business

The Grapevine Magazine


Viticulture and Enology | UC Davis

UC Integrated Pest Management Program

Wine and Viticulture – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Fresno State Viticulture and Enology

Sierra College

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Home

California Association of Winegrape Growers

American Society for Enology and Viticulture

Placer-Nevada Counties – Extension Office Home Page


The Study Programme

Women Winemakers of California

Family Winemakers of California

Professional Friends of Wine

TAPAS, Tempranillo

A Petite Sirah Advocacy Organization – P.S. I love you

Rhone Rangers

Pine Hill Wine Works


Palate Press

Wine Industry Publications


Full Circle Wine Solutions

Wine Industry Insight

Grapevines Guide


Blogs / Websites

Dr Vino’s wine blog

Jancis Robinson

Daniel Pambianchi

Wine Blog – Bacchus and Beery

Vinography: A Wine Blog

The viticulture blog

Sierra Foothills Wineries Blog

Welcome to Bottle Talk!

Guild of Sommeliers Wine Podcasts

Inside Winemaking – Wine Blog

Wine Blog

Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog

WineMaking Radio

The 9 Most Important Wine Bloggers

The Best Wine Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of

Blog Your Wine

GrapeRadio – Wine Talk Show

Jack Keller’s WineBlog

HoseMaster of Wine

The Academic Wino

Improved Winemaking

Winery Supplies


Sierra Moonshine

O’Hara Brew House Supply

Napa Fermentation

The Beverage People

Valley Vintner

St. Patrick’s of Texas

The Vintner Vault

Midwest Supplies

Hanna Instruments

The Lab Depot

All World Scientific

American Weigh Scales

Oak Barrel Winecraft

Cynmar Scientific

Store It Cold – Home of the CoolBot!

West Coast Bottles

Wine Making Super Store

Scott Laboratories

Lallemand Wine – Yeast Selected from Nature


Quality Wine Barrels

Online Labels


Wine Competitions

Nevada County Fair

California State Fair

The Bottle Shock Open | Home Winemaking Competition

El Dorado County Fair – Homemade Wine Competition

Orange CountyFair/OCWS Home Winemaker Competition


Gray Pine Vineyard & Winery

Lucero Vineyards

Clavey Vineyards

Chacewater Winery & Olive Mill

Sierra Vintners

Nevada City Winery

Starr Vineyard Winery

Montoliva Vineyard And Winery

Pilot Peak Vineyard & Winery

Szabo Vineyards

Avanguardia Wines

Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery

Macchia Wines

Madroña Vineyards

Fitzpatrick Winery and Lodge

Boeger Winery

Pescatore Winery

Fawnridge Winery

Naggiar Vineyards & Winery

Holly’s Hill Vineyards

Jeff Runquist Wines

Cooper Vineyards

Due Vigne – Nebbiolo

Clos du Lac Community

Harvest Moon Estate & Winery

Due Vigne

Amador Wineries

Amador Wine Grape Growers Home

Amador Vintner’s Association Home

El Dorado Winery Association

Testing Labs

Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc.

Sunland Analytical – horticultural/environmental consulting.

A&L Laboratories West

Timberleaf Soil Testing

Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc.



UC Davis: Foundation Plant Services

Commercial Grapevine Nurseries

Duarte Trees and Vines

Novavine – Services & Resources

Welcome to Vintage Nurseries

Martinez Orchards

Vineyard Supplies

A&J Vineyard Supply Home

Peaceful Valley

Orchard Valley Supply

Deer Fence Deer Fencing Systems

Critterfence Poly Deer Fencing Page

McGregor Fence

Wilson Orchard and Vineyard Supply

Plantra Vineyard Supplies

Sierra Pacific Turf

Drip Irrigation – The Drip Store

Irrigation Design – Landscape Sprinkler System Design Tutorial

Jim’s Supply

Loveland Products

Winery Files (View or Download)

The following are Excel, Word or PDF files for Winemaking chemistry calculations.

Click on the title to download

Wine Sulfite Calculator (Excel)

An Excel spreadsheet for you to download that will help you to determine adjustments and additives for your next red winemaking effort.  Simply plug in weight of harvested fruit, desired ranges for sugar and acid, and the spreadsheet will give you an idea of how much yeast, sulfite, ML bacteria, and other ingredients to consider adding at crush.  (“For amusement purposes only!”)  Please note that calculations are based loosely on information from various winemaking books and do not necessarily match advice given by expert winemakers in our group.  The intent is to give you a sanity check on amounts of ingredients and to use as a basis for creating your own winemaking spreadsheet.  Enjoy! Created by Guy Lauterbach

SO2 Based on pH Table (PDF)

Download this PDF table that shows you proper sulfite additions based on wine pH.  Separate tables for red and white/rose wines.  Indicates desired free SO2 based on wine pH, along with amounts of sulfite solution or powder to add per liter of wine.  Keep your wines preserved with optimum sulfite levels and they will be better wines!  Created by Jacques Mercier

SO2 Calculator (Excel)

Handy Excel spreadsheet that calculates your SO2 additions for you.  Simply enter wine properties such as wine type (red or white), volume, pH and current sulfite level and it will tell you how much sulfite to add in order to keep your wine properly protected.  As we said above, keep your wines preserved with optimum sulfite levels and they will be better wines!  Created by Guy Lauterbach

Wine Fermentation Calculator (Excel)

Yet another useful calculator to estimate winemaking values from start to finish.
Created by Guy Lauterbach: Revised 8/6/2019

The following are PDF files of Winemaking slideshow presentations from SWGGA meetings or informational handouts for various subjects.

Click on the title to download

Barrel Alternative (Slides) (PDF)

Presented by Dr. Jeff Murrell of StaVin Inc.

Basic Winemaking (Slides) (PDF)

Presented March 20, 2014

Fining (Slides) (PDF)

By Peter Anderson of Scott Laboratories – Laffort

Fining/Filtering (Slides) (PDF)

From Jim Garrett on Fining and Filtering Basics

Practical Wine Analysis (Slides) (PDF)

Presented October 17, 2013

SO2 Measurement (Slides) (PDF)

Free SO2 Determination by Dave Elliott

Sulfite Management (Slides) (PDF)

Jacques Mercier On Sulfite Management – May 2007

Transition to Commercial Winery (Slides) (PDF)

Presentation given by Jacques Mercier on 5/19/2011

Volatile Acidity (Slides) (PDF)

Jacques Mercier on Volatile Acidity – November 2008

Wine Acids (Slides) (PDF)

Jacques Mercier’s talk on Wine Acidity – November 2007

Wine and Food Pairings (PDF)

A Rod Byers presentation

Bottling with Bob Hilsman (PDF)

Notes from a Zoom Meeting in July 2020 with Bob Hilsman discussing bottling.

Vineyard Files (View or Download)

The following are Excel files for Vineyard Development calculations

Click on the title to download

Vineyard Component Calculator (Excel)

Created by Guy Lauterbach – January 2009

Vineyard Cost Estimator (Excel)

Created by Guy Lauterbach – January 2009

The following are PDF files of Vineyard Management from a presentation by Cindy Fake on February 20, 2020

Click on the title to download

Cindy Fake Vineyard Presentation Feb 20 (PDF) – Vineyard Pest Management presentation

Grapevine Red Blotch Update 2019 (PDF)Recent Vineyard Report on Red Blotch Disease

Management Guidelines for Eutypa Dieback on Grape Vines (PDF) – Recent Report on Eutypa Dieback

Management Guidelines for Birds on Grapes(PDF) – Guidelines for Birds and Grape Vines

Mulching in Vineyards (PDF) – Guidelines for Mulching in Vine Rows

Soil Analysis (PDF) – Report on Soil Analysis

Foothill Hedgerow Species (PDF) – Report on Foothill Hedgerow Species

Soil Texture by Feel (.docx) – How to Determine theMoisture Content of your Soil

The following are PDF files of Vineyard Management slideshow presentations from SWGGA meetings or informational handouts for various subjects.

All About Wells (Slides) (PDF) – Comprehensive Well discussion by Evelyn Soltero, MS

SWGGA Documents

Trellis Wire