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Wine Exchange at January Meeting

From Peter Willcox:

We’re  planning the wine exchange at the January meeting.  It’ll be like last year, about a full case for exchanging with all, less if you want to do less.  All on a bottle for bottle basis.  We will advise in January how much to bring, if you wish to do a full exchange.  Please let Peter Willcox know your intentions, so we can coordinate quantities. 

Contact Peter at:

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Winery Equipment For Sale

#55 (cm) Italian basket press: Great for red wine fermentations of ~250# – 800# of grapes. Excellent condition. Mounted on pallet for easy movement. $900
Includes $50 nylon mesh screen and $20 spare shivs, plus several oak spacers.
(Compare to ~$1000 new + $$$ shipping)

Stainless steel portable sump w/ screen: Perfect to fit under press or can be used for pumpovers. Has 2” tri-clamp outlet. $1200
(Compare to as much as $2000 new, plus shipping)

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November – Annual Meeting

November – Annual Meeting

Date: Thursday, November 21st
Location: Ponderosa Hall, Nevada County Fairgrounds (Gate 2)

The November meeting has been, for many years, a short business session with elections and then a wine tasting. This year the Board of Directors has planned a more comprehensive Annual Meeting where we want to share with the membership what the BODs does and what the various coordinators do to keep SWGGA going.

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October Meeting – Oak and Port

October Meeting – Oak and Port

This month’s SWGGA Meeting will be a combination of two short programs by Dave Elliott, with an opportunity to “put to palate” flavors and descriptions. The first program is tasting the effect of different oaks on the same wine.

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Petite Sirah Grapes On Sale

Sunshine Valley Vineyard is offering an end of season sale of Petite Sirah grapes from 8 year old vines.

Today (9/17/2019) they are at 20 brix, and should be ready to harvest near the end of the month, depending on your requirements.

Only $.50 lb., you pick.

Cheers, David Blitstein,  530-615-1297 

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Chicago Park Grapes for Sale

We have quantities of grapes from 100 to 400+ pounds that would be suitable for home wine makers. The varietals soon to be available will be:

Sauvignon Blanc Musque – 800 to 1000 pounds – ripening soon

Semillon – 300 to 400 pounds

Grenache – 100 pounds

Cinsault – 250 – 300 pounds

Tanat – 400 to 500 pounds

The grapes have been grown without pesticides or herbicides. We will pick into containers provided by customers. The price is $0.50 per pound.

Alan Tangren
Bonne Terre Vinyards

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Vineyard Visit for September

Vineyard Visit for September

On Thursday, September 19th we will be meeting at the foothill vineyard of SWGGA member Chacewater Winery & Olive Mill. With almost 30 acres of vines off of Bitney Springs Road, Kelseyville based Chacewater has been operated locally by the Manuel family for over 30 years.

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