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March Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 16th at 7;:00 PM at Ponderosa Hall;Nevada County Fairgrounds (Gate 2)The

program is a A wine tasting & panel discussion

featuring Jackson Starr, Peter Willcox, and Bill Betts.

Thanks to a nice response from a few winemakers we have enough wine for the March meeting. No need for more. Here is the way it will work. Each wine will be seen on its own. One at a time.Variety and vintage is all you will know.

Taste the wine and think, if this was my wine, what would I do next?

In the meantime our panel will also be tasting the wine.What advice will they give? It is important not only to have a professional winemaker on the panel, it is equally important to represent the home winemakers point of view.This panel will do that.

It is important to note that nobody will know whose wine we are tasting.Vintage and variety.That is all. That way we are at liberty to have a free-wheeling conversation about the wine. Pull no punches.

In addition to all that we are going to try to fit in a little bit more wine education.

As we are going to taste one wine at a time, really all you will need is one wine glass.

Jim Garrett
Author: Jim Garrett