Sierra Wine & Grape Growers Association

Jacques Mercier and Mark Foster evaluate our wines at a prior Can This Wine Be Saved evening. We tasted along with them.

Our Next Meeting…

Can This Wine Be Saved?

Date: Thursday, February 21st

Location: Ponderosa Hall, Nevada County Fairgrounds (Gate 2)

We have invited Mark Foster, winemaker at Nevada City Winery, and Jack Starr, winemaker at Sierra Starr Winery, to evaluate our latest, and maybe suspect, wines.

Bring 2 bottles of the wine to be tasted, and due to the popularity of this evening, please bring no more tyan 2 different wines.

The meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Bring a friend and a bottle of your favorite to share at our pre-program social time.

Our Story

The Sierra Wine & Grape Growers Association 

Originally founded in 1978, the Sierra Wine and Grape Growers Association represents home winemakers and the farmers and their families who grow grapes in Nevada County, and adjoining Yuba, Sierra and Placer Counties in California.

Our membership is open to all those who either own a vineyard, make wine, or are simply interested in wine and being a member of the organization.
Members are continually increasing their knowledge of viticultural practices in the northern Sierra Foothills to produce premium grapes for high quality wines.

What SWGGA Does...


Our monthly programs are a mix of educational and social gatherings with the aim of exploring all aspects of grape growing and winemaking. Most meetings are at the Nevada County Fairgrounds and combine technical and social elements.

Wine Tastings

Wine tastings and evaluations are an important part of our growth in developing our winemaking skills. In addition to meetings devoted specifically to tasting, we have casual sessions prior to our regular meetings.

Winery Visits

We have meetings at both commercial and our member home wineries and vineyards during the year. Seeing first-hand how others grow their grapes and make wine is a valuable part of our education.


Each year SWGGA awards a scholarship to a deserving highschool graduate pursuing a major in agriculture or the sciences. Funds for the scholarships are contributed by our members and friends.


Members of SWGGA are generous with their time and help each other with their winemaking and grape growing. New members, especially, are encouraged to ask questions.

If you'd like to become a member of SWGGA, please download an application...