Vineyard Links

Vineyard Development Timeline

Table showing a suggested timeline and significant steps involved in vineyard development.  An excellent starting point for planning new vineyard projects – hobby or commercial.

Vineyard Components Calculator

Download this Excel spreadsheet that helps you determine trellising components and quantities for your vineyard project.  Simply fill in some initial values such as total vine count and number of rows and it will calculate necessary stakes, wire and associated components for vineyard installation.  This is set up for a three-wire T-bar system, but can be custom-modified if you’d like.  Also shows vineyard acreage based on vine count and spacing.

Vineyard Cost Estimator

This Excel spreadsheet will help you estimate vineyard development costs.  Simply enter a few values, such as number of rows and vines, along with row and vine spacing, and the spreadsheet will show you expected acreage of your vineyard and estimates of stake counts and fence length.  Additionally, you will see cost estimates for all major portions of the vineyard project.  You can customize the values if you choose.  For example, if you intend to do some of the installation yourself, simply zero out the costs for those portions of the project.  Provides an estimated total cost of your project.  Obviously, current costs will vary, as will economies of scale.  (“For amusement purposes only!”)

Vineyard Supplies

Irrigation Direct.

Valley Vineyard Supply, Lodi. 209-368-8595

Links to viticulture information and resources that may be useful:

UC Davis Trellis Alliance Reports

UC ANR Integrated Viticulture Online

UC National Grape Registry

UC Integrated Pest Management

CDMS (Crop Data Management Systems) Product Label Info

Loveland Spray Adjuvant Chart

Nevada County Crop Report (2016)

Links for European Grapevine Moth (EGVM) information provided by Cindy Fake:


for regulations and quarantine information.


EGVM Factsheet

UC IPM EGVM Fact Sheet

European Grapevine Moth: A New Pest of Grapes in California 

Timing of Insecticide Treatments for European Grapevine Moth 

EGVM Resource Guide

Mini Risk Assessment: Grape Berry Moth  –  scientific but good ID characteristics explained in detail.