From the President:

As the winemaking season approaches, this is a reminder that on our website exist a number of spreadsheets and other documents that can assist those familiar with using spreadsheets in making a variety of needed wine chemistry calculations. Created mostly by longtime member Guy Lauterbach, they can be found in the members area of our website under documents. The sulfite addition table and the sulfite calculator will help you determine how much sulfur to add for wine preservation at various stages of fermentation and aging. The acid trials table, created by Mark Foster, will help you adjust acid prior to bottling. The target sulfite levels table, created by Jaques Mercier, suggests target levels of sulfite as a function of acidity. The fermentation calculator allows you to calculate a number of potential fermentation adjustments to your must.

For those establishing a new vineyard, the website also contains a vineyard timeline checklist for establishing a new vineyard, a vineyard components estimator, for help in determining required quantities of vineyard trellising and irrigation components, and a vineyard cost estimator, for help in estimating costs of establishing a new vineyard. (Prices may not be current.)