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Grapes for Trade

Grapes Available Soon

A prospective member, William Anderson, recently contacted us regarding a property he purchased that has a vineyard. He’s looking for input from knowledgable people in the area and would like to see the grapes go to a good home this year. He’s open to any ideas or arrangements. If you’re interested, contact him directly. From William…

Here is the list by row of the varietals I have inherited. I have not done any DNA confirmation on the list given to me by the previous owner and home builder.

Petite Verdot
( 2 rows ) CabFranc and a few old vines of Petite Syrah
( 2 rows ) Syrah
( 2 rows ) Merlot
( 2 rows ) Cabernet Sauvignon

I would love to do a grapes for wine trade and am open to any other ideas. I”ll available for SWGGA members to come take look, and assess whatever grapes they are interested in.
You can reach me via email:   or at   530-802-4696.

William Anderson