Equipment for Sale at Besemer Cellars


Harvest/Fermentation bins: $150 each

I have 6 heavy duty polystyrene ½ ton capacity harvest/fermentation bins with lids. These bins are stackable.


Maturation tank (Flex Tank): All tanks are the dexter style except for the 100 gallon. They are the original screw on black lid. These bins all have sample valves on them.

50 Gallon, qty 6         $175 each

80 Gallon, qty 15       $225 each

100 Gallon, qty 5       $200 each

200 Gallon, qty 5       $350 each (has 1.5” tri clover connection)


Stainless Steel variable capacity tanks with sample valve:

79 Gallon, qty 1         $160 each

211 Gallon, qty 1       $450 each (has 1.5” tri clover connection)


All tanks come with home made pallets that can be used with floor dolly or fork lift.