From the President:

This is a reminder that we will elect officers and directors to serve in 2019 at the Annual General Meeting on November 15. Here is the proposed slate of officers and directors previously approved by the Board. Only members in good standing may vote. Nominations from the floor will be accepted. If you will not be attending the meeting but wish to vote, you may do say by filling out the proxy form that follows and handing it to any member who will be at the meeting, or delivering it to Diane Houston, our Secretary.

President-Bernie Zimmerman

Vice-President-David Blitstein 

Treasurer-Lloyd Tosse   

Secretary-Diane Houston 

Membership coordinator -Jim Garrett 

Program coordinator-Dave Elliott 

Outreach coordinator -Susan Clarabut 

Communication coordinator -Grace Zimmerman

Social coordinator-Marilyn Blitstein


Sierra Wine and Grape Growers Association Proxy Form 

By way of this proxy, please allow* _______________________________, 

a member in good standing of the Sierra Wine and Grape Growers Association (SWGGA), to vote on my behalf at the Nov. 15, 2018 SWGGA meeting as pertains to any elections, motions, resolutions or other official business conducted. 

Sign and Date______________________________________________________________ 

Print Name_______________________________ 

* Name of Eligible Member