Basic Winemaking Program Offered

In the recent survey responses, several members indicated a desire to learn more about making wine. Guy Lauterbach, owner of Gray Pine Vineyard & Winery, has graciously agreed to teach the basics of winemaking. While the details are still being worked out, we presently envision some time spent explaining the basics of winemaking and wine chemistry, and then some hands on work making wine.

We would start by picking some red grapes at Guy’s vineyard, then going through the crushing/de-stemming process, testing and sulfiting, cold soaking, yeast inoculation, and pressing. This would take place over several days as the process unfolds, probably in late September or early October.

Before we do any significant preparatory work, we need to make sure there is sufficient interest in this proposal. So, if you are interested in participating and willing to commit to the multi-day process, please send an email to Bernie Zimmerman at .