The Board of Directors has made some changes to the Rules. Here is the full text of the Rules:


1.  These rules were adopted by the Board of Directors pursuant to Article 8, Section 8.1.1 of the Bylaws.

2.  General Organization of Association Duties and Functions. Certain members, who may but need not be directors, shall be responsible for coordinating specific duties and functions of the Association as outlined below. These responsibilities shall be assigned by majority vote of the Board. Each such Coordinator may constitute an ad hoc committee of one or more members, as needed to help accomplish those responsibilities.

2.1 Communications Coordinator. The Communications Coordinator shall function as Webmaster and shall maintain a Website for the Association.  Among other things, the Association’s Articles and Bylaws,  Minutes of Board of Director’s Meetings and Newsletter shall be posted on the Website. The Communications Coordinator shall also be responsible for overseeing communications with members, through the Trellis Wire Newsletter, blog posts and such other means as the Board deems appropriate.

2.2 Membership Coordinator. The Membership Coordinator shall maintain a current membership list. At the end of the calendar year, the Membership Coordinator shall send active members a Dues Statement for the following year, and collect membership dues that will be submitted to the Treasurer for accounting. Through the Membership Application, and revisions of same, the Membership Coordinator shall identify Members who wish to buy or sell grapes or related equipment and provide a forum to facilitate such transactions through the newsletter, and on the website, by coordination with the Webmaster. The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for publishing a monthly newsletter, and providing a means for rapidly contacting Members by email.

2.3 Outreach Coordinator. The Outreach Coordinator shall work to enhance the Association’s interests through a public relations program, that shall include, when possible, posting of the Association’s meeting schedule in local media, and monitoring and reporting to the Board, private, public and government actions and programs that may affect the Association’s interests and provide advocacy for the Association at public forums. The Outreach Coordinator shall also be responsible for acquiring and distributing  Association related items such as shirts and glasses.

2.4 Programs Coordinator. The Programs Coordinator shall provide educational programs and workshops as part of the monthly meetings. Educational programs may feature speakers knowledgeable about the purposes of the Association, and may take place in vineyards or wineries. The Programs Coordinator may appoint a mentoring committee of individuals experienced, but not necessarily expert, in various areas of viticulture or viniculture willing to share their experience with other members seeking assistance in areas such as wine making, wine chemistry, vine planting and training, trellising, irrigation, fertilization, spraying, pruning, insect, disease and pest management, harvesting, sustainable and organic farming, and equipment and supplies. The Programs Coordinator shall work with the Social Coordinator whenever programs require inclusion of the duties of the Social Coordinator.

2.1.5 Social Coordinator. The Social Coordinator shall provide opportunities for members to meet in a non-structured environment and get to know one another on a personal basis. The Social Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing any social events sponsored by the Association, and for providing any supplies, food and refreshments required at meetings.

The Social Coordinator shall work with the Programs Coordinator whenever programs require inclusion of the duties of the Social Coordinator.

Adopted this 27 day of October,  2016         ______________________________________

Nancy Machado, Secretary


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