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We’re lucky to have Chik Brenneman speak to us as Chik is a busy guy.  Retiring from UCD Teaching and Research Winery in 2019, he is now back with a small, start-up winery:  the Baker Family Winery.  At UCD, Chik was principle to getting the Research Winery designed, built and operating. The winery currently crushes about 100 tons.  Imagine simultaneous fermentations with, say, different temperatures and/or yeasts, and/or extended maceration times.

Prior to his 13 year stint at UCD, Chik worked in several wineries in the foothills, from small to large, from Amador Foothill and Terre Rouge in Amador to Mondavi in Lodi.

Much of this session will likely be driven by your questions. This is an opportunity to hear some answers from a person with both education and experience. But Zoom can constrain the process, so kindly think of your questions ahead of time and send them to me ( I will consolidate and get them to Chik. Of course there will still be opportunity for “live” Q&A.

The meeting will be at 7:00 PM on Thursday, April 15th. You will receive your Zoom invitation the morning of the 15th.