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April Meeting Thursday, April 20, 6:30 p.m. Ponderosa Hall Bring your wine to work night. A Evening of Blending

Dave Elliott graciously offered to provide three different red wines to create this quite remarkable opportunity. We sat down recently to taste through his wines to select the three we wanted.We selected a 2020 Syrah, a 2021 Syrah and a 2020 Petite Sirah.All are different and each brings a different feature to the blending table.

Think of wine as a three-act play.

Act One is aroma. Act Two is mid-palate mouthfeel. Act Three is the finish. Careful evaluation of the wine reveals the strong and weaker elements. Blending is more commonly about filling in a weaker part, supplying what is missing, rather than building complexity. That is simply an added bonus.

We will explain it in detail at the meeting but very quickly, each blend you make will be a total of 50 mls. 5 mls of a blending wine and 45 mls of your wine would make a 10% to 90% ratio. An addition of 10 mls to 40 mls of your wine would make 20% to 80% split. 2 mls would be 4%-96%. We will supply everything you need to make as little as a 1 ml addition. Even if you made ten blends it would require less than 500 mls of your wine so one bottle is more than enough.

Jim Garrett
Author: Jim Garrett