Registration for wines to be entered in the the 2023 SWGGA Home Wine Competition is now open.

General Rules

1. Entries are limited to wines produced by currently active members of SWGGA. 

2. The Competition is open to only amateur home winemakers. Wines must not have been made by a professional/commercial winemaker, or at any commercial winery.

3. Entrants may enter as many wines as they like.

4. Wines that have won Gold, or higher, awards in any past SWGGA Wine Competition are not eligible for re-entry.

Timeline for the 20223Competition

  • All wines must be registered online between April 9, 2023 and April 26, 2023. (No exceptions to these dates)
  • All wines must be received between April 26 and May 1 2023. (No exceptions to these dates)
  • Judging will be the completed by May 14, 2023
  • The Awards Ceremony will be held in conjunction with our May Meeting on May 18, 2023
  • Soon after the Awards Ceremony, all entrants will receive a copy of the judging notes for each of their wines, along with a copy of all the results.

How to Enter


There is a $6 per wine entry fee that pays for competition expenses including certificates and plaques. You must supply two bottles of wine per entry. Please supply one bottle with your regular label. Please use only a clearly marked masking tape label on the other bottle. It will receive its own special label for the judging. Please be prepared to offer a third bottle for the award ceremony tasting should your wine win one of the special awards.

1. All wines must be registered online between April 9, 2023 and April 26, 2023. No wines registered after April 26, 2023 will be accepted for competition.

2. Each entry must be registered electronically using the Wine Registration form on the SWGGA website. 

Go to the SWGGA website and log in:

Go to the Member Area page and click the Wine Competition link. You will be taken to the Rules page. 

3. Read the Rules and Instructions.

4. To register your wine(s), 

5. Click the Enter Your Wine Now… button to proceed to the Registration page.

Each wine must be registered individually, and a unique Entry ID will be assigned automatically (not seen on the form) for each wine, and will be indicated on the Confirmation email you will receive for each wine entered.

If you wish to enter more than a single wine, check “Yes” on the last question of theEntry form (Do you want to Submit another Wine Entry ?)

When the last wine is entered check “No” to the last question, and you will be taken to the Home page of the website.

You will receive a separate confirmation email for each wine entered. The Entry ID will be indicated in the subject line of each email.

If entering several wines of same year and varietal, designate a different lot number for each wine in the Label Identifier field (i.e., 2018 Syrah Lot A, 2018 Syrah Lot B).  Please ensure that the information on the registration form Label Identifier field and the wine bottle labels are consistent.

Two 750 ml. bottles of each wine entered are required. 

  • The first bottle should have your regular (decorative) label attached, and, also, must have a small label indicating the Entry ID.

The Entry ID must be placed on each of the two bottles of wine upon delivery. This is best done by attaching a small label, sticker or piece of masking tape with the Entry ID written on it.

All bottles must be free of capsules or wax sealers.

Delivery of Wines

All wines must be delivered betwenApril 26, 2023 and May 1, 2023 to the wine cellar of Jim & Kate Garrett for check-in of all entries. Call Jim or Kate to make arrangements to confirm the date and time of your delivery. Directions will be emailed to all entrants.

Wind Shadow Winery

Jim & Kate Garrett
21252 Clifford Rd.
Grass Valley, CA 95949
Jim – 415-450-1450

Kate = 415-450-7010


1. Unless schedule changes require, the judging will be held on May14, 2023

2. If the wine(s) are made by two or more Home Winemakers, awards will only be designated to the first name listed on the Entry Form.

3. All entrants will receive, by email, a copy of the judging notes for each of their wines, along with a copy of all the results.

4. All decisions by the competition organizers and judges are final.


Awards will be given for Best of Show, Best Red wine, etc., Best of Class if indicated, as well as, Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze, as determined by the judges.