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At our February meeting Curtis Peterson and Gerard Van Steyn presented an excellent program on the vineyard practices.

As a supplement to that meeting, Gerard has made available notes and links to many of the issues that were discussed. A PDF file with this information is available by clicking the link below.

Gerard & Kathryn van Steyn

have a Cabernet-

ve a Cabernet- 

based Bordeaux 

vineyard, along with 

an orchard of 60 fruit 

trees in their 1.4 acre 

Lafayette, Bay Area 

home. Gerard has 

been making wine 

since 2005. For the 

first eight years he 

had the good fortune 

to source Cabernet from Mt Veeder in Napa.

As good as the grapes were, they had the growing 

sense that the wine could have been even better if 

they could oversee the entire process from vine to 

bottle.  In 2013 they planted 600 vines.

In 2021 they purchased property in Nevada County, In 2021 they purchased property in Nevada County, 

planting a second vineyard. In preparation they 

added 12 different organic minerals to remineralize 

the soil. As a grape grower Gerard subscribes to 

the regenerative ag philosophy of farming believing 

that the diversity of microbial life in the soil is 

hugely important to the health, vigor, and flavor of 

the resulting grapes. 

“In the way we’re learning about the healthy 

benefits of diverse gut bacteria, we’re learning it’s 

the same for soil. It’s all about creating a healthy 

and diverse menu for the roots in the ground. 

That’s what matters,” he emphasized.

Here is some reference information, as a follow up to topics discussed at the meeting:  Click here

Jim Garrett
Author: Jim Garrett