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Yes!!!!! We’re finally going to have an in-person meeting this month. Over 80% of members responding indicated that they’d be comfortable attending a meeting, if everyone there was vaccinated, so, we’re going to give it a try.

SWGGA October Meeting

SWGGA October Meeting

Wine tasting at Ponderosa Hall!  That’s the big idea for our October meeting. We will explore the world of low-cost wine. Dare I say cheap? They may surprise you. You’ll be the judge of six wines, and it will be a blind tasting. They’ll be commercial wines so that you can say what you’re really thinking – you won’t hurt anybody’s feelings. We’ll see if we can arrive at some sort of consensus when the dust settles. Bring two glasses each, as we will taste in pairs: A versus B, and so forth.  

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Flextanks for Sale

Flextanks for Sale

From David Blitstein…
I’m starting to scale down a little, and I have a couple of Flextanks for sale. Used, but in excellent condition.
$125.00 for the 30 gal with the steel dolly
$200.00 for the 50 gal
If interested, contact David at dbeffx@gmail.com or 530-615-1297


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